Total Solution for PET Consumables

Synthesizer Radiotracer Reagent Kit Cassete Ancillaries Kit Precursor
GE TRACERlab MX ORA Neptis RS/DB/Perform RK-100 KT-110 AS-100 MT-99-0025C
ORA Neptis DB RK-162 KT-162 AS-162 MT-99-0060C
GE Tracerlab FXFDG/FXF-N RK-101 N/A AS-101 MT-99-0020A
IBA Synthera RK-210 SYNP AS-200P MT-99-0020B
IBA Synthera + RK-231 SYNR-C AS-231 MT-99-0020B
F300E RK-311 N/A N/A MT-99-0020A
Trasis AllinOne RK-602-3 KT-602* N/A MT-99-0060FH
Trasis Mini AllinOne RK-811-2 KT-811-2* N/A MT-99-0030FH
Siemens Explora FDG4 RK-510 N/A N/A MT-99-0100D
RK-500 N/A N/A MT-99-0450D
Other PET Tracers
Synthesizer Radiotracer Reagent Kit Cassete Ancillaries Kit Precursor
GE TRACERlab MX ORA Neptis RS/DB/Perform/Plug RK-122 KT-122 AS-122 PSMAI&T,DOTA-TATE...
RK-128 KT-128 AS-128 N/A
RK-115 KT-115 AS-115 N/A
RK-116 KT-116-2 AS-116 116-DMEA,N,N
iPHASE MultiSyn RK-328 N/A N/A N/A
RK-330 N/A N/A N/A
Scintomics GRP RK-185 KT-185 AS-185 PSMAI&T,DOTA-TATE...
RK-186 KT-186 AS-186 PSMAI&T,DOTA-TATE...
RK-170 KT-170 AS-170 PSMAI&T,DOTA-TATE...
GE Tracerlab FxFDG/FXF-N RK-105 N/A AS-105 105-DMEA, N,N
RK-106 N/A AS-106 106-BBMA
RK-107 N/A N/A NTTP-95-0005A
RK-111 N/A N/A 111-DMEA,N,N
RK-112 N/A N/A HCT-95-00022A
Trasis AllinOne RK-817 KT-817* N/A N/A
Trasis Mini AllinOne RK-818 KT-818* N/A PSMAI&T,DOTA-TATE...
RK-819(cationic purification) KT-819* N/A PSMAI&T,DOTA-TATE...
IBA Synthera RK-208 SYGR-C AS-208 PSMAI&T,DOTA-TATE...
RK-201 SYCP AS-201 N/A
RK-202 SYNP AS-202 BDNT-95-0010B
RK-203 SYAP, SYDP AS-203 203-DMEA
RK-205 SYNP AS-205 NTTP-95-0010B
IBA Synthera+ RK-233 SYDR, CT0103,CS0103 AS-233 233-DMEA
RK-209,RK-209H SYFR ,CT0104,CS0104 AS-209 BBTE-95-0020E

For 18F- Choline production, you'll need the Synthera+ synthesizer, Synthera Extension.CT0103(single-use) and CS0103(reusable) are supplied by Fluidomica.
For 18F- FDOPA production, you'll need the Synthera+ synthesizer,Synthera+ HPLC, Synthera Extension.CT0104(single-use) and CS0104(reusable) are supplied by Fluidomica.