The 12th Asia Oceania Congress of Nuclear Medicine and Biology(AOCNMB2017), The 57th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine(JSNM), The 37th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine Technology(JSNMT), and The 7th Annual International Conference of the Asian Society of Nuclear Medicine Technology(ASNMT) were held at the Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall in Japan during October 5 (Thu) to 7 (Sat), 2017.
With the theme of Connecting people for the bright future of Asia-Oceania nuclear medicine, this conference attracted more than 2,000 experts included physicians, technologists, scientists, pharmaceuticals, nurses, faculties and developers in the field of nuclear medicine.
We, Huayi Isotopes Co., Ltd invited our distributor in Japan ATOX for this annual meeting.  By exhibiting several products including O-18 water, sterile vial, reagent kit and  cassettes, we showed our idea to offer a complete solution to PET/SPECT therapy.  Also, as the sole Chinese company at the exhibition center, we received worldwide greetings and inquires during this meeting.
For the following exhibitions, we truly invite you all to come.