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CAS NO : 31828-68-9

Product No : HCT-95

Molecular Formula : C4H7NOS•HCl

Synonyms : 2(3H)-Thiophenone, 3-aminodihydro-, hydrochloride, (3S)-; 2(3H)-Thiophenone, 3-aminodihydro-, hydrochloride, (S)-; 2(3H)-Thiophenone,3-aminodihydro-, hydrochloride, L-

  • Description

Application:Precursor for L-[11C]Methyl-methionine, - ethionine, and -propionine
Molecular weight:153.63

-Store the product at -20℃ and protected from light. Short term storage at higher temperatures does not affect product quality.

HCT-95-0002x       2mg per vial
HCT-95-0005x       5mg per vial
HCT-95-0010x       10mg per vial
HCT-95-0050x       50mg per vial
note: x includes A B C and D, A refers to 2ml vial; B refers to 4.5ml vial; C refers to 8ml vial; D refers to 30ml vial
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