NOL-95【88043-21-4】Precursor for cis-4-[18F]Fluoro-L-proline
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Product Name: N-Boc-trans-4-tosyloxy-L-proline methyl ester
Synonyms: N-(tert-Butoxycarbonyl)-trans-4-(p-toluenesulfonyl-oxy)-D-proline Methyl Ester ;1,2-pyridinedicarboxylic acid, 4-[[(4-methylphenyl)-sulfonyl]oxyl]-1- (1,1-dimethylethyl)-2-methyl ester, (2S, trans)
CAS No.: 88043-21-4
Molecular Formula: C18H25NO7S
Molecular weight: 399.46
Application: Precursor for cis-4-[18F]Fluoro-L-proline
Presentation: Packaged in amber vial or amber screw cap vials with teflon-coated stoppers under argon atmosphere.

  • Store the product at -20℃ and protected from light. Short term storage at higher temperatures does not affect product quality.

NOL-95-0005x       5mg per vial
NOL-95-0010x       10mg per vial
note: x includes A B C and D, A refers to 2ml vial; B refers to 4.5ml vial; C refers to 8ml vial; D refers to 30ml vial
*Customized dispensing is available

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